Friday, September 7, 2012

1. Services

  1. Doggie Sleep Over

  2. Custom Design

  3. Crate Rental*

  4. FREE Indoor Play Group
*These services have limited spots and availability. 
Pricing of all service may subject to change.
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2. Training

All puppies progress differently. At 2 months old, LIC Dog Sitter's puppy knew how to Sit, Stay, High 5, Speak, and Spin on Command. At 4 months old, he was potty trained and he was trained to ring the bell for potty time. He was a Petsmart graduate and he is taking Advance Education till November 2012. He has been preparing for the Canine Good Citizen Test.

Here are videos of what YOUR PUPPY can possibly do.
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3. Meet the Dogs




Jack & Jill!
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4. Experience


Meet Ada & Milo! They are both friendly to adults, children and other pets. 

Here is the story of Ada.
Ada had an extreme fear of being bitten by dogs. For 6 years, her husband had asked to raise a puppy and her answer was always no. Ada finally said yes in December 2011. She warned her husband that she may not be able to love Milo as he so deserves to be. A few weeks after Milo's arrival, she fell in love with him.

She learned to understand her puppy and because of him she was able to overcome her fear. She finally understood why others love their dogs so much as they bring so much joy to everyone's lives including strangers. They are also natural healers.

As Ada got exposed to more and more dogs, she had grown to love other dogs and learn from them too. Later on, she decided to help orphaned dogs. Despite her being extremely allergic to the shelters' environments, she still continued to keep fostering dogs.  

Because of Milo, she decided to pursue being a caregiver for others too as she understands how hard it is to find a dog sitter.


To help the community and connecting them


December 2011- present

Skill & Abilities
  • training: potty (crate, bell, outdoor), obedience, tricks, social
  • aid with eating: motivating dogs to eat,  slowing down dogs eating
  • administering medication
  • leg rehabilitation
  • body language
  • capable to assist emergencies and short notices
Classes Taken/Certifications
  • Puppy Education @ Petsmart Soho (with a Dog Trainer, certified in training other Petsmart dog trainers & as a Canine Good Citizen evaluator) 
  • Intermediate Education @ Petsmart Soho
    (with a Dog Trainer, certified in training other Petsmart dog trainers 
    & as a Canine Good Citizen evaluator) 
  • Advance Education @ Petsmart Soho (Ending in Nov)
    (with a Dog Trainer, certified in training other Petsmart dog trainers & as a Canine Good Citizen evaluator) 
  • Dog Foster Training @ AC&C, ASPCA & NSALA
  • Pet First Aid @ American Red Cross NYC (Oct 21)
  • Canine Good Citizen Test (TBD)
  • CPR @ American Heart Association
  • Sociology @ Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance FEMA, Emergency Management Institute 

Dog Caregivers for

ages ranging from 7 weeks to 3 years old
  1. Swiss Bernese Mountain 
  2. 2 Black Lab Mix
  3. Mini Golden Retriever 
  4. Beagle/Husky/Hound Mix
  5. 2 Yorkie/Silky Mix 
  6. Mini Pincher Mix 
  • AmeriCorps
  • Animal Care & Control as a Dog Foster 
  • ASPCA as a Dog Foster 
  • New York Cares
  • North Shore League of America as a Dog Foster 
College Diploma @ Art Institute of Philadelphia

*References are available upon request
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5. FAQ

  1. Where do you dog sit?
    Primary at my home but I may consider dog sitting at your home.
  2. How many dogs do you dog sit at once at your home?
    Two dogs the max
  3. Where do you go for field trips?
    Prospect Park during off-leash hours and suggested locations
  4. When is the FREE indoor play group?
    I plan to host one every month. Contact me to suggest a date
  5. How do you prefer to be contacted?
    I am best reached by email. For emergencies, you can text me
  6. What information should I include in my email to you?
  • What breed is your dog?
  • How old is your dog?
  • Is your dog children friendly?
  • Is your dog friendly to other dogs?
  • What are the dates you will need Dog Sitting?
  • Does your dog have updated vaccines?

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